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Need to make a great impression in a short amount of time? Custom banners and flags will quickly catch the attention of your target audience and spark their interest. For business owners, this makes them an ideal way to attract more foot traffic inside your store and increase sales opportunities. Custom banners and flags can be used to highlight special events and promotions, advertise sales and grand-openings, and communicate messages to passersby (such as signalling under-construction zones, redirecting traffic, or temporary closures). These vinyl signs are compact and portable, which makes them convenient to take to trade shows and other events, and easily store when not in use. When you use custom banners and flags to promote your business or event, you’ll be hard to ignore!

Because banners and flags are highly customizable and versatile, they’re a key component of every business’s overall signage strategy. They can be made to meet your sizing and shape specifications, and designed to complement your branding and messaging goals. Banners and flags can also be hung horizontally and vertically, which provides a number of installation options. They can also be hung on stands or poles (such as retractable banner stands) when there is limited wall space available. When your custom banners and flags are installed in highly visible locations, you can generate hundreds or thousands of positive impressions everyday.

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Types Of Custom Banners & Flags

  • Vinyl banners and flags are made from durable vinyl, which gives them the strength to withstand the sun’s rays, as well as light rain and snow. Their ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. As vinyl is a lightweight material, they can be easily hung, transported, and stored. Vinyl is also a highly customizable material, which means virtually any colour and design can be created for your banners.
  • Retractable banners are common at trade shows and other industry events, however they’re also often used inside office areas and lobbies. They’re perfect for communicating messages and reinforcing branding, while creating a professional and credible appearance. As these banners are hung on a retractable banner stand, they don’t require any wall space to be installed.

Not all banners and flags are created equal – if you want the best banners, flags, and retractable banners for your business or event, contact the team at Kingfisher Signs & Graphics. We’ll work with you to design, create, and install custom banners and flags that grab attention, promote your business, and complement your branding.

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Custom banners and flags are highly effective ways to draw people’s attention to your business. Whether you’re trying to attract traffic to your store, announce a product launch, special event or a grand opening, banners are perfect tools for the job. This is due to the fact that banners and flags are simply hard to ignore and because these cost-efficient marketing tools are very customizable, you can play around with the design to create a theme that matches your brand. In addition to their versatility, banners and flags are lightweight and portable; you can easily take them with you to trade shows and other important events where you need to grab the attention of potential customers. They can be hung horizontally, vertically, or placed on an easel or stand. You can even opt for retractable banners for that more professional look.

For high-quality custom banners and flags, Birmingham Signs and Graphics is your best choice. Our team of experts can help you design and even install banners that complement your company’s signage and overall marketing strategy.

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