Channel Letter Signs Birmingham, Alabama

Keep your brand top-of-mind and grab more attention with custom channel letter signs. These versatile signs can be installed outside your office or storefront to build brand awareness with passersby and help customers locate business. They can also be installed inside your business to create a professional appearance. At Kingfisher Signs & Graphics, our channel letter signs are fully customizable and will be made using your font preferences and brand’s colors.

Outdoor Business Channel Letter Sign

Every business can benefit from custom channel letter signs! Here are three ways they can strengthen your brand:

Get Attention

Get Attention

Quality channel letter signs are a sure way to be noticed by customers and people simply walking past your business. Whether they’re installed inside or outside your business, their unique 3D effect adds an attractive element to your workspace. What’s more, channel letter signs can be illuminated with LED lights to attract more attention in the evening.

Professional Installation

The location where your sign is installed matters just as much as the quality of its construction. After all, even the best channel letter sign won’t do much for your business if your customers can’t see it. Poor installation techniques and maintenance also reflects negatively upon your brand. At Kingfisher Signs & Graphics, our team of experts will help you navigate any permits or regulations and choose the most effective location to install your sign. We’ll professionally install your sign to ensure it’s long-lasting and conduct maintenance services, as required.

Functional Branding

Channel letter signs serve a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Letting customers know where your business is located
  • Building brand awareness and helping you stay top-of-mind
  • Creating an appearance of professionalism and trustworthiness
  • Adding an attractive aesthetic element to your business

The installation of eye-catching channel letter signs inside or outside your business gives you a higher return on your investment by providing a functional way to enhance your branding efforts and get more attention.

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Installing channel letter signs is among the most basic necessities that brick-and-mortar businesses should invest in. Studies have shown that well-made letter signage increase your return on investment. It helps target those who are walking or driving by your business so that they can recognize your brand and acknowledge your location. Channel letter signs create a more trustworthy and professional brand image, it also contributes to your overall branding strategy. Letter signage inside or outside your establishment also adds the perfect aesthetic statement in your space that ties everything together.

However, in order to be successful, it’s very important that you look for a reliable partner that can help you achieve your desired results through these letter signs. Therefore, if you’re searching for a company in Alabama that specializes in producing customizable letter signage, then you better check out Kingfisher Signs & Graphics. Aside from creating high-quality and long-lasting custom channel letter signs, they can also help design it with your supervision in the event that if you’re still not 100% certain as to how it should look or what dimensions it should have, they can help. Their team of experts takes pride in their tedious installation and maintenance process to ensure that your channel letter signage would achieve the desired results for years.

Strengthen your brand with custom channel letter signs.