custom wayfinding signs Birmingham, Alabama

Custom wayfinding signs, installed inside and outside your facility, allow customers to easily navigate your building by providing clear directions and identifying important rooms and locations. When your business isn’t properly equipped with custom wayfinding signs, you run the risk of customers becoming irritated and dissatisfied when they can’t quickly find what they’re looking for. One of the best ways to show your customers that you value their experience is to include interior wayfinding signage and exterior wayfinding signage as part of your signage strategy.

There are four types of custom wayfinding signs that businesses may require to create a positive experience for employees, visitors, and customers. All of these signage types can be used either inside or outside of your business.

  • Identification signs are used to display things like names of conference rooms, entrances to a parking garage, the loading dock of an office building, or to indicate where to find washrooms or change rooms.
  • Directional signs provide clear details on where to find things so that visitors don’t lose their way when trying to navigate your space.
  • Informational signs contain necessary information or give facts and history.
  • Regulatory signs let people know what they can and can’t do, and help to create a safe and accessible environment with the use of specific regulatory signs, such as ADA signs.

Well-designed interior wayfinding signage and exterior wayfinding signage starts with understanding your environment and how to maximize communication with your audiences. As businesses, hospitals, school campuses, and other facilities grow and expand, wayfinding signs are often added with little thought to placement and visibility. Kingfisher Signs & Graphics can help you avoid these three common wayfinding signage mistakes:

Clustering – In an attempt to satisfy every issue in a given environment, wayfinding information often fights for space with everything else. Grouping different types of signs together at appropriate, but different, decision points can prevent information overload.

Poor readability – Fonts, typography, and even the wording you choose is crucial as you try to deliver important information quickly, and often from a distance.

Poor planning – Wayfinding signs are only helpful when they provide the visitor with directional information at key decision points. Kingfisher Signs & Graphics has the expertise to analyze your environment and help you plan the most effective signage placement.

Kingfisher Signs & Graphics can meet your specific needs and requirements for both interior wayfinding signage and exterior wayfinding signage. Together, we can create custom wayfinding signs that make your space safe, welcoming and inviting for everyone.

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Help your visitors easily navigate the exterior and interior of your building with custom wayfinding signs.