Custom Outdoor Wayfinding Signs & Exterior Building Signs

In traditional marketing, choosing the right location and outdoor image of your business are essential to its success. Installing outdoor signs is an effective strategy in increasing your company’s brand awareness to those who walk or drive past your establishment.

Unfortunately, a good number of entrepreneurs fail to make the most out of these outdoor business signs. The common misconception amongst inexperienced or unsuccessful business owners is that they only need to invest in an outdoor signage that displays their logo and/or brand name. What they’re missing out on is the opportunity to convert more potential customers into actual paying clients through effective outdoor signage.

Custom Exterior Signs
Custom Outdoor Wayfinding Signs

At Kingfisher Signs & Graphics, we create an array of outdoor signage depending on your needs such as LED signs, dimensional letters, banners, fascia signs, pylon signs, and many more. These outdoor signs can display your special menu for the day, seasonal promos, limited edition products, direction to your store, and so much more. They are meant to not only inform but also to excite and encourage your target market to make a purchase.

While most companies are only focused on creating and installing outdoor signs that are pre-designed, Kingfisher Signs & Graphics takes pride in conceptualizing outdoor sign project strategies to identify the perfect outdoor signage that best suits your business establishment’s needs.

If you’re looking for a highly dependable, full-service company that can assist you from design conceptualization up until outdoor signage installation, then check out Kingfisher Signs & Graphics.

Learn More About Our Custom Outdoor Signs

Custom channel letters are illuminated with LED lights, so your business glows and attracts attention day and night. They create an eye-catching, noticeable, and professional appearance for every type of business.

Custom dimensional letters provide a modern 3D appearance. They can be completely customized to complement your branding and installed in a variety of ways to create different effects. Dimensional letters signify to customers that your business is professional and credible.

Want to make an immediate visual impact? Custom monument signs are the way to go. Monument signs add an attractive architectural component to your property and act as a visual landmark within your community.

One of the most popular outdoor signs, custom fascia signs are bright, eye-catching, and convenient. They’re illuminated internally with LEDs to ensure they shine day and night. They can be easily updated when needed by simply installing a new face, so you don’t need to worry about getting a brand-new sign.

Wayfinding Signage

Exterior wayfinding signs are an important part of your customer service strategy, as they ensure that your customers can find their way around your property. Your exterior wayfinding signs, such as parking sign and directional signs, can be customized to complement your existing branding.

ADA signs ensure that your company is compliant with accessibility laws. They help your customers have a more positive experience when visiting your business by making navigation easier for people with disabilities. Your ADA signage strategy may include braille signs, tactile lettering, signs with light/dark contrast, and more.

Most business owners believe that exterior building signs such as a wayfinding sign, fascia sign, and window graphics are enough for local businesses to be found. Little do they know that these are just part of a larger signage strategy.

What Wayfinding Signs Can Do?

Wayfinding signs, such as the ones you see outside of a commercial building, tell people where to find you. Wayfinding signs can do more than that, it can draw people into your establishment and make them feel safe and comfortable once inside your business space. Examples of wayfinding signs are those that show customers where the fire exit is, where the restrooms are, and where to find the manager’s office and they can all go a long way in building strong customer relationships.

Have Your Wayfinding Signage Designed by Experts?

Your wayfinding signage shouldn’t only show people where to go within your establishment, but it should also point customers to you when they think about the products and services you offer. After all, isn’t this what a wayfinding sign should do? At Birmingham Signs and Graphics, we can help you create wayfinding signs of superior quality that will inspire confidence in people and make customers feel safe in giving you their business.

Get noticed with custom outdoor signs that communicate your branding and messaging.