Custom Outdoor Wayfinding Signs & Exterior Building Signs

Whether your business is new or already established, custom outdoor signs are an essential part of running a successful business. Custom outdoor signs catch the attention of people walking or driving past your building, and let them know that you’re open and ready for business. Exterior signs that are branded, eye-catching, and installed in highly visible locations will spark the curiosity of people within your community, and encourage them to walk through your front door to learn more about your products or services.

There are a variety of exterior signs that you can make use of when creating your signage strategy, such as building signs, wayfinding signs, channel letter signs, fascia signs, dimensional signs, monument signs and signs that communicate your hours, slogan, offerings, and other important messages. These signs will further your reach and attract the attention of new and existing customers, leading to more foot traffic and opportunities to make sales.

Outdoor Building Signs
Custom Outdoor Wayfinding Signs

Your custom outdoor signs should always reflect your branding efforts and be well-made, as outdoor signage is often how customers will form their first impression of your business. High-quality, professional signs communicate to customers that your business makes these characteristics a top priority in everything you do. Branded exterior signage also distinguishes your building from your competitors and ensures that your brand is top-of-mind.

If you need superior outdoor signage in Birmingham, Alabama that will help your business stand out and be noticed, contact Kingfisher Signs & Graphics. Our expert team will help you find the right exterior signs for your business’s needs, and expertly create and install it for you. 

Also you can explore our other signage which includes indoor signs, vehicle wrap & graphics and custom signs.

Learn More About Our Custom Outdoor Signs

Custom channel letters are illuminated with LED lights, so your business glows and attracts attention day and night. They create an eye-catching, noticeable, and professional appearance for every type of business.

Custom dimensional letters provide a modern 3D appearance. They can be completely customized to complement your branding and installed in a variety of ways to create different effects. Dimensional letters signify to customers that your business is professional and credible.

Want to make an immediate visual impact? Custom monument signs are the way to go. Monument signs add an attractive architectural component to your property and act as a visual landmark within your community.

One of the most popular outdoor signs, custom fascia signs are bright, eye-catching, and convenient. They’re illuminated internally with LEDs to ensure they shine day and night. They can be easily updated when needed by simply installing a new face, so you don’t need to worry about getting a brand-new sign.

Wayfinding Signage

Exterior wayfinding signs are an important part of your customer service strategy, as they ensure that your customers can find their way around your property. Your exterior wayfinding signs, such as parking sign and directional signs, can be customized to complement your existing branding.

ADA signs ensure that your company is compliant with accessibility laws. They help your customers have a more positive experience when visiting your business by making navigation easier for people with disabilities. Your ADA signage strategy may include braille signs, tactile lettering, signs with light/dark contrast, and more.

Get noticed with custom outdoor signs that communicate your branding and messaging.