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Sometimes it’s just about making better use of what you have. Did you know that you can use indoor wall murals to impress your customers and motivate your employees? Custom wall murals have the ability to transform your space by creating unique features designed to specifically enhance your business. Whether you’re an educational institution looking to share your history and achievements or a medical facility looking to add warmth and color to your space, a custom wall mural can be exactly what your business needs.

If you’re looking to improve the interior of your space, indoor wall murals are a cost effective way for both commercial and professional offices to enhance branding and impress visitors. Kingfisher Signs & Graphics can turn your walls into a memorable communication tool that will not only help you build a positive reputation, but will help you grow your business too. Investing in custom wall murals allows you to make much better use of the walls that surround your employees and customers every day.

Wall Murals
Vinyl Wall Graphics Birmingham, AL

Here are some top ideas when it comes to using indoor wall murals in professional offices, community spaces or commercial facilities.

  • Showcase your best selling products and services.
  • Communicate your mission statement and core values.
  • Create a wall mural for employee recognition and awards.
  • Highlight your company history.
  • Create a unique environment for a tourist or service related business.
  • Cultivate a specific atmosphere using the right words and images.
  • Enhance specific areas like boardrooms or event spaces.

Custom wall murals can be designed to suit your unique needs by including specific things such as your company logo, brand messaging, relevant imagery, and desired colors. Regardless of industry or how long you’ve been in business, indoor wall murals can help you set you apart from the competition by creating a memorable feature that resonates with your audience.

At Kingfisher Signs & Graphics, our indoor wall murals are expertly printed on quality vinyl in order to achieve the sharpest lines and the brightest colour saturation. Once your custom wall mural has been created, our team will properly install it to ensure that there’s no bubbling, creasing, or peeling. Kingfisher Signs & Graphics is committed to delivering only the highest quality results. Whether you’re looking to update the atmosphere in your waiting room or want to cover the largest wall in your commercial space, we can create stunning murals in whatever shape or size you need.

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People have used wall murals for several hundreds, if not thousands of years and, looking back, wall murals served the same purpose in the time of the cave men as they do in the 21st century – to communicate something.

The reason why wall graphics are still in use today is that these highly-versatile communication tools can effectively send messages as well as influence the atmosphere of any room, including your business spaces.

What Vinyl Wall Murals Can Do for Your Business Today?

Luckily, you no longer have to hand-paint your wall and wait for days for it to dry. In fact, you can choose to not touch your wall at all! Thanks to the invention of vinyl, you can simply enlist the help of a graphics artist to help you design vinyl wall murals that can be digitally printed and hung on any wall space you wish to enhance. This is one advantage of using vinyl murals over traditional painting; you get to save time and have more freedom to choose the graphics design.

Besides affordability, vinyl graphics are a cost-effective way to enhance your interiors, strengthen your branding, and create a lasting first impression on your customers. For this reason, you need graphics that are compelling and able to drive home a message. Since murals also serve as communication tool, wall graphics can be used to motivate your employees, promote your company’s mission and values, or tell the story behind your brand.

Where to Get Your Vinyl Graphics Done

If you’re looking for no-fail ways to improve your business with vinyl murals now, feel free to get in touch with the graphics experts at Birmingham Signs and Graphics. Our experienced graphics artists can help you come up with professional-looking vinyl murals that match your overall signage strategy.

Contact us for high-quality, custom wall murals that add color to your space.